2009 Royal Victoria Marathon

2009 Royal Victoria Marathon
Jane, Me and Dee manning the shirt swap

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brentism #1

As my friends know, my husband is known for his forgetfulness, "what he'd do" stories, coffee stained t-shirts and other crazy stuff. I'm going to share these with you as and when they happen. So here is the first of, likely, many Brentisms.

The other night I baked brownies for the kids' lunches (though Brent and I ate most of them). So, there I am cleaning up the stove and I move a pan which I notice was hot to the touch. I lifted it up and realized the middle gas burner was on. I turned to Brent (sitting on the couch playing Nathan's DS) and asked him what he had cooked for supper. He replied that he hadn't "cooked" anything but had heated up soup in the microwave. Well, I said, the burner is on. He looks up at me, tearing himself away from some racing game, and sheepishly says "Oh, that must have been from last night". What the???? Sure enough the gas burner had been on for about 28hours. Does this remind you of anything? Like when he left the van running overnight?


  1. And I thought I was forgetful! Never again will I beat myself up for forgetting because I have never done either of those!!! Thanks Brent! You made my day!!

  2. He left the van running overnight??? What the????
    That is one of the best ones I've heard.

  3. Good old Brent, entertaining us with his forgetfulness. Gotta love him!